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Carolyn's Version of Alligator River

Best for Groups Needing Staff or Members to Work as a Team

A Dick & Jane Story Like None You Have Heard Before

On this trip you will meet 5 Memorable Characters who live by Alligator River: Dick, Jane, Max, Sam and Rudy.

From this story and the exercise that follows you will learn about:

•        The Importance of  Honest Communication
•        Differences in People & How They Communicate / Handle Conflict
•        How All Types of People & What They Bring to the Table Are Important to the Whole (Family, Team, Group, etc.)


Carolyn will lead you through her version of Alligator River and another exercise that will be as fun and it is insightful.



                              You'll NEVER  Forget Carolyn's Updated Version of...

 Alligator River!


On Site Workshops

$20.00 per person for Small Groups up to 12

$15.00 per person for on-site Medium  Groups (13-20)

$10.00 per person for Large Groups (21-40)

Having a Retreat or Convention in Niagara Falls CANADA? 

Offer Your Participants a fun, interactive workshop to break up the day.  $100.00 flat rate* 12-36 participants.

To Receive This Flat Rate The Following Criteria MUST be Met:

*MUST supply Projector & Screen for Powerpoint Presentation

* MUST be paid $50.00 Up Front

* MUST be guaranteed time slot right after lunch to insure time necessary for set up 

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