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One Day Workshops

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DRAWING” the Law of Attraction  into YOUR Life!  


One Day Workshop  

Part 1: 10:00 - 11:30 am

    Part 2:  12:00 - 1:30pm  

  Part 31:45 - 3:00 pm


 (Make it a long weekend and take in the sites of Niagara Falls!)


 Have you seen, read, or heard about “The Secret’s” Law of Attraction Principles? Do You want to get started but just can’t take that first step! Started but can’t stay focused because Life keeps getting in the way? Then this workshop will not only motivate you but also keep you focused on ALL the Positives YOU truly wish to “draw” into Your Life!


Part 1: Weeding Out What You Don’t Want


 You will first release your subconscious fears relating to the perceived sacrifices you would have to make to successfully become the person wish to be, have the type of job or relationships you long for, enough money to buy that new car, house or retire, and so much more. What is it that holds you back from being truly happy, healthy, loving, loved and/or prosperous? What are the weeds that are taking over in Your Life’s Garden?

Awareness Puts YOU in a Place of Power!


Part 2: Getting Clear On What You Do Want


 Now that you know what you don’t want it is time to get clear on what you do want to attract into Your Life. What do you wish to “draw” into your life? Now that the weeds have been removed what new flowers do you wish to plant in fertile ground left behind? If you could have anything you ever wanted, what would it be? It is time to get very clear about what you need, would like to have. What would give you a sense of peace, fulfillment?

Clarity Lifts You up to a Place of Power!


Part 3: Manifesting What You Do Want


 Now it is time to let the Universe know exactly what You have decided to “draw” into your life! Now is the time to cultivate your truest desires! First you will clearly affirm what you wish to manifest, acknowledge steps you can take to towards fruition, and show gratitude ahead for any divine help sent via people, resources, opportunities, etc., suddenly coming into your life to show you the way.

Gratitude Keeps the Door Open to the Power of the Universe!



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$120.00 per person for Full Workshop

Registered / Pay Day of Workshop:

$150.00 per person for Full Workshop

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