VC ICSCN Workshops

ONLY Available For Private

Small to Large Groups

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(Best Suited For Adults, Adolescents Within A Corporate/Business/Educational, Wellness Group)

An Empowering Experience on its own or as a follow-up to "The 'Light'er Side of Venting". 

 Many people fear success even more than failure and this workshop gives each individual insight into a creative way of changing their internal self sabotaging nature in a very simple way.  Self-Awareness is knowledge and knowledge is power, the power to direct one’s vision and focus so that they can be the best they can be in all areas of their lives.

When people remove the weight of daily fears and frustrations from their work day in this way they tend to take things less personally. Whether motivating, leading or recruiting others they deal with things from all situations more objectively, thereby seeing the whole project or picture more clearly.   Approx. 1½ - 2 hours.  

On Site Workshops

$50.00 per person for Small Groups of 12 or less 

$30.00 per person for on-site Medium  Groups(13-20)

$20.00 per person for Large Groups (21-40)

Having a Retreat or Convention in Niagara Falls CANADA? 

Offer Your Participants a fun, interactive workshop to break up the day. 

 $150.00 flat rate* 10-35 participants.

To Receive This Flat Rate The Following Criteria MUST be Met:

*MUST supply Projector & Screen for Powerpoint Presentation

* MUST be paid $50.00 Up Front

* MUST be guaranteed time slot right after lunch to insure time necessary for set up 

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