MY Life's Flight PLan

Only Being Offered As A Large Group Workshop This Year.

My Life’s Flight Plan©


Creatively Looking At Where YOU Are On This Journey We Call Life.


An Art from the Heart Adventure© by Carolyn Shannon

 (for Individual Adults, Adolescents or Corporate/Business/Educational Groups)


Where are YOU on YOUR life’s journey?

Is there anything you need to know, add or change to be the best YOU can be?


 In this adventure you will create 2 drawings (heartworks):

 The first will allow you to vent any frustrations, fears, or negativity that is weighing you down and possibly zapping you of the energy needed to be ALL you can be.


 Then you will create a perceptual heartwork of a specific subject(s) that will in turn lend insight into discovering where you are on this journey called life.


Finally, you will gain in depth knowledge into what your heartwork could mean to YOU.


 Whether it’s for clarity, confirmation or just plain fun, this 2 hour workshop is for everyone! 

On Site Workshops

$50.00 per person for Small Groups of 12 or less 

$30.00 per person for on-site Medium  Groups(13-20)

$20.00 per person for Large Groups (21-40)

Having a Retreat or Convention in Niagara Falls CANADA? 

Offer Your Participants a fun, interactive workshop to break up the day.  $150.00 flat rate* 10-30 participants.

To Receive This Flat Rate The Following Criteria MUST be Met:

*MUST supply Projector & Screen for Powerpoint Presentation

* MUST be paid $50.00 Up Front

* MUST be guaranteed time slot right after lunch to insure time necessary for set up 

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