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Individual/Small Group Workshops

For Adolescents & Adults:

AFTHA Short Jaunt

AFTHA Eye Opening Day Trip

AFTHA World Cruise

Personal or Virtual Reviews

Removing Your Walls of Lack & Delay

For Children & Or Parent/Guardian:

What Really, REALLY Bugs Me... Sometimes

Medium to Large Group Workshops

(Geared to Adolescents & Adults, Organizations, Corporations)

The 'LIGHT'er Side of Venting

I CAN See Clearly NOW!

My Life's Flight PLan

Alligator River: The Dick & Jane Version

 3 Popular Art from the Heart Adventures

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Short Jaunt      A short but powerfully insightful introductory workshop.  Just 3 simple drawings first lift off the negativity 'dumped' on you by others or generated by your own learned beliefs and then clear your mind for new awareness and the ability to become a better 'observer' of your life.

Yours for Just $9.99!

Day Trip   All the benefits of a Short Jaunt plus 4 more 'heartworks' which takes you on a bit of a soul journey giving you more insight into your life and how you subconsiously hope to  accomplish moving forward at this time.  This is our most popular workshop!  Spend a morning or afternoon by yourself or with others travelling in the comfort of your home. 

Yours for Just $14.99!




World Cruise  This is the ultimate adventure!  A minimum of 18 heartworks presents with an awe inspiring overview of your life, your passions, your reflection to others and much, much more!  And yes you still get the benefits of releasing negativity as well.  This is the most indepth and informative workshop.

Yours for Just $19.99!

Start Removing the Emotional Clutter from Your Life To Gain Insight, Clarity and See Things More Objectively Just by Looking at It From A Different View!

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