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2 Unexpected Creations



Both of the Creations You find here were channelled by Carolyn with a  keyboard she got with her Zeller's Z Points. She never learned to play a whole song with it yet loved to sit and play to her heart's content .

How Creative Chakra Chimes was Created:

When Carolyn needed background music for her Art from the Heart Adventures Audio Workshops she had a vision of sitting at the keyboard and just doing it. S o she hooked the keyboard up to a tape deck, then proceeded to sit on the floor and play. While doing so she visualized each of her chakra centers clearing then blossoming with energy, while asking for her Angels to assist her.  It wasn't until after she had stopped that she noticed her cat, Sammy was sitting behind her with his back touching hers. To this day she believes he was helping as well. 

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How Angel Melody was Created:

When Carolyn's friend, Gloria Messenger was redoing her Angel Meditation Cd she asked Carolyn to try channelling background music for her. Although afraid she would not be able to be as successful again Carolyn said yes anyway. At first she thought she could just do a 2 minute ditty and then have the technician loop it a few times. How hard could that be, right? The Angels had another plan.

In fact the first sample Carolyn came up with (trying to do it with her Ego) didn't even go on the tape. Then after listening to the meditations on Gloria's original cd it became evident that she would need 4-5 slightly different pieces to go with the number of meditations on Gloria's Cd.

This time as she sat on the floor with her keyboard Sammy came running to join her and after a short prayer to the Angels to assist it wasn't long before  she had them all done. Once Carolyn relaxed and let go in the process she began hearing voices, then words she later understood to be the names of each Angel Melody.

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