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Individual/Small Group Workshops

For Adolescents & Adults:

AFTHA Short Jaunt

AFTHA Eye Opening Day Trip

AFTHA World Cruise

Personal or Virtual Reviews

For Children & Or Parent/Guardian:

What Really, REALLY Bugs Me... Sometimes

Medium to Large Group Workshops

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The 'LIGHT'er Side of Venting

I CAN See Clearly NOW!

My Life's Flight PLan

Alligator River: The Dick & Jane Version

***Also Available As a Condensed 3 Hour Workshop for Large Groups!

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Removing Your Walls of Lack & Delay

9am -12pm or 6:30-9:30pm (Your Choice)

Ever feel like everyone around you is getting the breaks, the relationships, all the good in life and you are somehow being missed?

Or worse yet, that eveyone & everything is draining your energy so much you have none left to give to yourself?

This 4 hour workshop will show you how to creatively lift off & break down whatever is holding you back and slowing things up in your life.

It will take you through a creative process to break down the barriers and in doing so let the Universe know you are serious about having an more abundant, fulfilling, effortless life without walls of lack & delay.

Your Investment: (Your MUST Register to Hold Your Spot)

Prepaid Registration:

$75.00 per person

Registered / Pay Day of Workshop

$95.00 per person

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Buy Once & Do It at Home Whenever YOU want or need to!



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